About us

CDMU - Command and Data Management Unit

OpenCube is a generic plug-and-play nanosatellite platform for research and technology demonstration missions.


Founded in 2011 by a small group of students and space professionals interested in small satellites, the OpenCube Initiative is an international effort to develop innovative approaches and technologies for a versatile nanosatellite platform suitable for a wide range of missions.

Our main objectives:

Open interfaces

One of our key aims is to standardise CubeSat interfaces. We believe that an open, collaborative process leads to an optimal solution. Therefore, all our recommendations and interface definitions are reviewed by the community and distributed under a free licence.



Unlike other existing solutions, OpenCube provides a true plug-and-play capability. It supports a broad range of payloads, ranging from basic sensors to sophisticated Earth observation systems. The tailoring process is heavily automated and mostly transparent to users: the various subsystems of the platform have the ability to self-reconfigure based on the requirements of the payloads.

Technology demonstrator

In parallel to the development of the platform, our team is designing a technology demonstration mission, OpenCube-α, to prove the worthiness of the concept, evaluate the performance of the various subsystems and provide heritage to future missions based on OpenCube technologies.

Open source hardware